Crystal Heaven London is an independent British jewellery brand established in 2013.

Our Journey

From what started as a hobby, I found a passion for creating handmade crystal and gemstone jewellery whilst working as a tattoo apprentice in 2013. The name Crystal Heaven originates from combining a part of the studio name I worked in at the time, where I had a small display of my jewellery for sale inside.

I sourced natural gemstones from local markets and jewellery making supplies from small businesses on Etsy, assembling them by hand each evening at a workbench I had set up in my bedroom. I taught myself new techniques including macrame, wire-wrapping, electroplating and beadwork.

My interest in the magic of gemstones, astrology and spirituality is all combined and expressed through the jewellery I design, to create wearable art that inspires and guides your unique journey.

Our Mission

From everyday essentials to one-of-a-kind adornments, our mission is to create jewellery with intention, longevity and positive energy.
We are proudly independent, founded and led by passionate female creatives.

To all our angels new and old, thank you for being part of our journey so far.

Love & light,