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One of the most popular 'starter' piercings after lobes, a helix is located at the top of the ear in the cartilage with versatile options for jewellery.

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Flat Helix

A flat helix piercing is located on the flat part of the ear, it allows space to experiment with statement labrets including those with hanging dangles for an eye-catching ear look.

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Forward Helix

The forward helix is a beautiful piercing location, making the most of the small piece of skin located just above the tragus. It's the perfect placement for dainty studs or a tiny hoop.

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Vertical Helix

A vertical helix piercing has quickly gained popularity due to the unique placement for those with folded cartilage at the top of the ear.

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The tragus is one of the most common piercing placements as the jewellery in this location can be easily shown off with beautiful statement labret or a dainty hoop.

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A conch piercing is a popular option for those wanting to wear a hoop that orbits around the center of their ear, or for nestling a touch of subtle sparkle inside with a labret.

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Daith piercings are one of our personal favourites at CHL due to the beautiful front-facing clickers that can be worn, making a big statement to any ear look.

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A rook piercing is located just below the flat part of the ear, in the ridge of cartilage that hangs below. This is an impressive and unique piercing to have!

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