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Piercing Bar

Our piercing collection is crafted with certified piercing experts who benefit from years of experience within the industry. Every piece undergoes a meticulous design and production process because your piercing deserves jewellery that isn't just beautiful on the outside... but also on the inside.

✨ High-Quality 'Piercing Safe' Materials
✨ Skin-Friendly Internal Threading
✨ Gauge & Bar Length Options
✨ Dainty, Shiny, Long-Lasting

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    Bar Length
    Inner Diameter
    Hypoallergenic16g Cartilage Piercing Hoop Earring Implant Grade TitaniumCartilage Hoop (16g)
    Cartilage Hoop (16g)
    Sale priceFrom £12.00
    Solitaire Crystal Cartilage StudSolitaire Crystal Cartilage Stud
    Hypoallergenic18g Cartilage Piercing Hoop Earring Implant Grade TitaniumCartilage Hoop (18g)
    Cartilage Hoop (18g)
    Sale priceFrom £12.00
    Crystal Curved Barbell Implant Grade TitaniumCrystal Curved Barbell Implant Grade Titanium
    Crystal Curved Barbell
    Sale price£15.00
    BELLA Marquise Solitaire Cartilage StudBELLA Marquise Solitaire Cartilage Stud
    STELLA Crystal Star Cartilage StudSTELLA Crystal Star Cartilage Stud
    HypoallergenicOpal & Crystal Cartilage Piercing Hoop Earring 16 GaugeMYSTIC Opal & Aura Cartilage Hoop
    Plain Curved BarbellPlain Curved Barbell
    Plain Curved Barbell
    Sale price£13.00
    Crystal Circular BarbellCrystal Circular Barbell Implant Grade Titanium
    Crystal Circular Barbell
    Sale price£15.00
    Lightning Bolt Cartilage StudLightning Bolt Cartilage Stud
    Star Cartilage StudStar Cartilage Stud
    Star Cartilage Stud
    Sale price£15.00
    Plain Circular BarbellPlain Circular Barbell Implant Grade Titanium
    Plain Circular Barbell
    Sale price£13.00
    Moon Cartilage StudMoon Cartilage Stud
    Moon Cartilage Stud
    Sale price£15.00
    Sold outStar & Moon Cartilage Stud SetStar & Moon Cartilage Stud Set
    THREADLESSLUNA Opal Cartilage Stud - ThreadlessLUNA Opal Cartilage Stud - Threadless
    SOFIA Crystal Kite Cartilage StudSOFIA Crystal Kite Cartilage Stud
    Aurora Rainbow Solitaire Cartilage StudAurora Rainbow Solitaire Cartilage Stud
    NEWLANI Droplet Cartilage StudLANI Droplet Cartilage Stud
    Solitaire Piercing Stacking SetSolitaire Piercing Stacking Set
    NEWVENUS Cartilage StudVENUS Cartilage Stud
    VENUS Cartilage Stud
    Sale price£55.00