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Minimal Piercing Stacking Set

Sale price€66,95

The Minimal stacking set includes essentials for a daith, rook, tragus and helix piercing.

Available in Silver or Gold
✨ Skin-Friendly Materials
✨ Curated By Ear Stylists
✨ Quick Ear Makeover

Style  Size Quantity
16G Seamless Clicker
8mm inner diameter 1
Solitaire Crystal Labret
2mm crystal / 8mm length
Angel Eternity Front-Facing Clicker 8mm inner diameter 1
Crystal Curved Barbell 8mm bar length 1

    1. Wear the Front-Facing Clicker in your daith
    2. Adorn your tragus with the Solitaire Labret
    3. Add sparkle to your rook with the Curved Crystal Barbell
    4. Upgrade your helix with our dainty 16g Seamless Hinged Clicker

    Our stacking sets make it easier than ever to transform your piercings. If you're bored of wearing the same jewellery you were pierced with but don't know where to start with ear styling, these are for you. We understand how overwhelming it can be to create your own, which is why each set has been thoughtfully curated by us to give your ear the hassle-free makeover it deserves.

    You must ensure this jewellery is suitable for your individual anatomy and piercing placement before purchasing as we are unable to accept returns or exchanges in the interest of hygiene. If you are unsure about the size, please seek advice from a piercer before placing an order.
    Ensure you add the correct colour, gauge, bar length or inner diameter to your cart as we can not exchange any pierced jewellery items.
    Read our Ultimate Piercing Guide for piercing size guides.

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    Minimal Piercing Stacking Set
    Minimal Piercing Stacking Set Sale price€66,95


    Our passionate team, led by founder and designer Natasha are dedicated to creating the ultimate experience for you to curate your dream ear stack. We specialise in effortlessly elegant jewellery to adorn your inner goddess with magic.


    Our jewellery begins as a sketch on paper and refined over months to become our iconic works of wearable art. We're passionate about creating meaningful pieces to treasure, producing our jewellery in small batches using the highest quality metals.


    We've adorned over 100,000 ears worldwide with an incredibly loyal community who trust us to make them sparkle. Discover our innovative solutions and wide range of high-quality jewellery at affordable price points.