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Discover the essence of ALLURE, an ode to your self-love story.

This season, we’re channelling our divine feminine energy. We’re manifesting our dreams and stepping into our power. Awaken your soul with jewellery that represents an unwavering sense of confidence, exuding opulent elegance throughout the season of enchantment and beyond.

Designed in-house by founder Natasha after months of dreaming up ideas and bringing each piece to life using precious metals and hand-chosen gemstones. ALLURE is a heavenly ensemble of timeless design with our signature twist, a collection of transitional treasures to adorn you for years to come and elevate your own allure.

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OPHELIA Mini Moonstone & Pearl Huggie HoopOPHELIA Mini Moonstone & Pearl Huggie Hoop
AURA Clear Quartz Pavé Kite CharmAURA Clear Quartz Pavé Kite Charm
AURA Sapphire Pavé Kite CharmAURA Sapphire Pavé Kite Charm
Mini Moonstone Huggie HoopMini Moonstone Huggie Hoop
Mini Moonstone Huggie Hoop
Sale priceFrom €41,95
ATHENA Marquise Moonstone HoopsATHENA Marquise Moonstone Hoops
ARIELLE Rose-Cut Topaz Huggie HoopARIELLE Rose-Cut Topaz Huggie Hoop
Sold outALLURE Tiny Solitaire Crystal Huggie HoopsALLURE Tiny Solitaire Crystal Huggie Hoops
CHÉRI Moonstone Starburst HoopsCHÉRI Moonstone Starburst Hoops
Mini Pearl Huggie HoopMini Pearl Huggie Hoop
Mini Pearl Huggie Hoop
Sale priceFrom €41,95
OPHELIA Multi Gemstone Ear ClimberOPHELIA Multi Gemstone Ear Climber
CELESTE Moonstone North Star StudsCELESTE Moonstone North Star Studs
Sold outALLURE Teardrop Crystal Huggie HoopsALLURE Teardrop Crystal Huggie Hoops
ALLURE Cascading Crystal Earring CharmALLURE Cascading Crystal Earring Charm
OPHELIA Moonstone & Pearl Droplet HoopsOPHELIA Moonstone & Pearl Droplet Hoops
OPHELIA Gemstone Waterfall StudsOPHELIA Gemstone Waterfall Studs
Sold outALLURE Cascading Crystal Huggie HoopsALLURE Cascading Crystal Huggie Hoops
DOLCE Mini Scattered Gemstone HoopsDOLCE Mini Scattered Gemstone Hoops
CHLUXE • OPHELIA Gemstone Daith Hoop - 14K Yellow GoldCHLUXE • OPHELIA Gemstone Daith Hoop - 14K Yellow Gold
CHLUXE • OPHELIA Cartilage Stud - 14K Yellow GoldCHLUXE • OPHELIA Cartilage Stud - 14K Yellow Gold