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Our Journey

Founded in 2013, Crystal Heaven London is an independent British brand specialising in exclusively designed jewellery for every day. We believe in empowering women with meaningful treasures that hold an intention so that your jewellery becomes a part of your story, finding magic within yourself and stepping into your divine energy.

Our Mission

Crystal Heaven London’s philosophy is quality over quantity. Over the years, we have focused on building lasting partnerships with talented artisans across the globe who value our commitment towards small-batch production and provide an exceptional quality that we are truly proud of. We are dedicated to using precious metals to create unique, handcrafted jewellery that can be lived-in and loved for years to come, making a positive impact instead of contributing to fast fashion.

Our Team

Behind the brand is a passionate female team led by founder Natasha who truly live and breathe jewellery, dedicated to creativity and endlessly inspired by the support of our community.
Every single order is packaged with care from our design studio and meticulously quality checked to ensure your jewellery reaches you in perfection condition. We understand the importance of offering you a personalised service that you can rely on time and time again.

Founder's Story

"I discovered a passion for creating handmade jewellery whilst working as a tattoo apprentice in London. Inspired by the power of gemstones, I began sourcing raw crystals from local markets and jewellery making supplies from small businesses on Etsy, assembling bespoke creations by hand every evening in my bedroom and learning new techniques including macrame, wire-wrapping, electroplating and beadwork.
After developing my skills by completing a Jewellery Manufacturing & Design diploma and gaining valuable experience as a production assistant for an iconic British designer, I felt it was time to unleash my creativity once again and build a brand dedicated to high quality jewellery at affordable price points. With piercings being part of my personal identity from a young age, I struggled to find long-lasting and meaningful earrings to express my individual style and so began a journey to create wearable art that is brought to life through hand-drawn sketches and intentionally designed to become part of your story.
Thank you for being part of our journey so far!"

Founder & Creative Director