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Jewellery Size For Cartilage Piercings

What is a cartilage piercing?

If you are unsure what type of jewellery or size to wear in your cartilage piercing once it has healed, our guide is here to help. The word cartilage refers to the type of tissue the piercing will pass through which includes the following types of piercings with the recommended jewellery sizes.


Gauge 16g (1.2mm)
Labret Bar Length 6mm - 8mm
Hoop Inner Diameter 6mm - 8mm

Generally a 6mm or 8mm hoop works well for a tragus and 8mm is often a comfortable bar length if you prefer to wear a labret in your tragus. It's important to remember that internally threaded flat-back jewellery is best for a tragus as it will sit flush against the skin and be more comfortable to wear.

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Helix (sizes vary for low, mid & high)

Gauge 18g (1.0mm) - 16g (1.2mm)
Labret Bar Length 6mm - 8mm
Hoop Inner Diameter 5mm - 8mm

The size you need will depend on the location of your helix piercing. For a low helix which is just above the lobe the cartilage usually gets thinner so a 6mm or 8mm hoop will be suitable and the same applies for a mid-helix (auricle) piercing. For a high helix, you want to allow more room so that the hoop hangs nicely so a 8mm or 10mm is best. If you prefer to wear a labret, the bar length you need will depend on your individual cartilage thickness however 6mm or 8mm is the most commonly worn in a helix piercing.

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Gauge 16g (1.2mm)
Curved Barbell Length 8mm - 10mm
Hoop Inner Diameter 8mm - 10mm

It is more common to wear a hoop in a daith piercing than a curved barbell. The most common size is 8mm inner diameter however if your daith is pierced further in, you may require a larger hoop such as 10mm.

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Gauge 16g (1.2mm)
Labret Bar Length 6mm - 8mm
Hoop Inner Diameter 10mm - 13mm+

There are two types of conch piercing, inner and outer. If you prefer to wear a hoop once your piercing is healed then an outer conch is best for this because the piercing is made closer to the edge of the ear so a hoop can orbit the conch.
If you want to show off a pretty design such as a sparkly Moon shape, an outer conch is ideal for this because the piercing is made in the centre of the ear where you can wear a flat-back labret with a statement design.

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Gauge 16g (1.2mm)
Curved Barbell Length 6mm - 8mm
Hoop Inner Diameter 5mm - 8mm

It's possible to wear either a barbell or a hoop in a rook piercing. Due to the natural curve of the rook cartilage, you must wear a curved barbell instead of a straight barbell. As it is a small area with fairly thick cartilage, we find this piercing is difficult to size as individual anatomy varies a lot for this placement.
If your rook is small or pierced quite low, a 6mm curved bar length is recommended however if your piercing is made higher up, you will need a longer bar. The same applies for a hoop, however we found some customers can wear a tiny 5mm hoop as it orbits around the rook but the most common size is 6mm.

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Forward Helix

Gauge 16g (1.2mm)
Bar Length 5mm - 6mm
Hoop Inner Diameter 5mm - 7mm

A forward helix is a small area of thinner cartilage so jewellery for this placement usually needs to be dainty. If you want to show off a pretty design, you will need to wear a labret however as there is limited space in a forward helix you will want a short bar length - sometimes it needs to be as small as 5mm. For a hoop, the same applies and we often find our 5mm inner diameter clicker is a best-seller for a forward helix.

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Kindly note all sizes are guidelines only and will not apply universally due to individual anatomy. If you are still unsure, please visit your local piercing professional.