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Labret Collection

Beautiful on the outside and on the inside...

Our new & exclusive labret collection was developed over 18 months with our certified piercing experts, we've worked incredibly hard to create adornments that are skin-friendly and long-lasting whilst remaining affordable.
The production team we work with benefit from years of experience within the body jewellery industry and share our interest for innovation and quality. Every piece undergoes a meticulous design and production process, including a 4-stage material test to ensure every single piece passes a rigorous quality check.

What's new?

Our focus as a brand is to ensure we manufacture our piercing jewellery to the highest quality and continue to innovate as we grow. We listen to your valued feedback which we put into action to improve our collections. Our passion runs deeper than selling 'off the shelf' jewellery to just make a profit, we want to feel the achievement of making a difference and are always dedicated to offering our customers the best. We believe it's so important to share the process of what happens behind the scenes, helping you understand the magical journey of your jewellery. 
If you're interested in learning more about this, please keep reading!
What are labrets?

Unlike hoops or clickers, a labret is made in two parts, cleverly designed with a flat disc backing to sit flush against the skin when wearing in piercings. There are two parts of a labret and the materials of each can be different.

Bar Material
This should always be made from a medical grade metal such as 316L Stainless Steel or ASTM F136 Titanium, as this is the part inserted through your piercing and remains inside the hole. It is extremely important that this is a high quality metal, especially if you are planning on wearing the jewellery for extended periods of time.

Top Attachment Material
This is the part which features the design that will be seen for example, a sparkly crystal star shape. The most common material used in "pretty looking" piercing designs is Brass - a metal alloy made from a combination of Copper and Zinc. Brass is not hypoallergenic and unsafe for those with sensitive ears, it is not recommended to wear brass based piercings for extended periods of time as long-term exposure to the skin can cause issues such as itching, swelling and infection. You may not notice a reaction at first, but over time the plating will wear away and expose the raw Brass underneath, turning the jewellery green where oils from the skin have reacted with the metal. This often leaves the jewellery unwearable and eventually ends up in landfill.

When purchasing labrets, it's always better to be safe than sorry. We advise checking what materials the attachment and bar are made from as this may not always be disclosed, leaving you unsure exactly what quality to expect from the item.
Our labret evolution

Hidden Threads = Happy Piercings
We have chosen to remake our most loved designs as labrets which are all internally threaded, removing any barbells or exposed threads from our collection. This is a safer and more hygienic option for your piercing.

New Materials ...bye brass!
Most of the labrets we want to design feature lots of crystals set within the attachment, it's no secret we love all things sparkly! In order to produce these, the standard method is to cast the top attachments in Brass as it is a softer metal making it easier for the stone-setting process. We wanted to completely eliminate all Brass parts from our piercing collection. Why? Because it contains nickel, which can cause irritations for those with skin sensitivities or allergies. Our philosophy has always been to innovate in every way, always working on ways to improve which lead to this easy decision. Over the past year, we have been working with our piercing experts to re-design our labrets with a better method.

What causes Green Skin?

The green discolouration commonly observed in ear piercings is often caused by a chemical reaction between low-quality metals in the jewellery and substances present on the skin. It is particularly associated with metals such as brass, an alloy composed primarily of copper and zinc. When the metal reacts with sweat, oils, or other chemicals on the skin, it can result in the formation of a green coloured compound, typically known as copper oxide. This reaction is likely to occur with cheap jewellery that contains toxic base metals which should never be worn in ear piercings for prolonged periods of time.

The final result

Along this journey, we have considered multiple different material combinations before settling with our final choice. It was important that the labret bar remained an implant-grade material, so we worked on finding a way to replace the brass material in the top parts. Our new labret collection now features the best of both worlds. The brass top parts have been replaced with 925 Sterling Silver, also a soft material so it's perfect for stone-setting with a much higher quality. We have ensured the entire labret is safe to wear, long-lasting and skin-friendly for the ultimate upgrade to our most-loved piercing collection!