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Independent Testing

Crystal Heaven London is proud to test our products with AnchorCert analytical laboratory, part of the Birmingham Assay Office which offers independent expert product testing and precious metal analysis.

With over 20% of the population suffering with Allergic Contact Dermatitis, AnchorCert Protect is a unique UKAS-accredited testing methodology that identifies and measures a suite of 16 metallic elements that may cause irritation and provides regulatory compliance in relation to REACH and Nickel regulations for jewellery.

Why do we test our Titanium jewellery?

As a brand committed to quality with a focus on cartilage jewellery that offers a solution for those with metal allergies, it’s important to ensure our products meet Nickel, Lead and Cadmium and EU REACH legislation to provide our valued customers with confidence when shopping with us. Your happiness and safety is our main priority at Crystal Heaven London.

Why is it so important to test?

If you suffer with a nickel allergy, you will understand how risky it can be purchasing jewellery online. Many companies claim to offer “hypoallergenic” earrings, however their manufacturers could lie about the metal composition which is why independent testing is necessary. Companies often falsely advertise their jewellery due to lack of knowledge, which can be a huge risk to a trusting customer.

Why should I choose Titanium?

ASTM F136 Titanium (Ti-6Al-4V) is alloyed with over 90% Titanium (Ti) and the rest Aluminium (Al) and Vanadium (V), making it biocompatible and 'implant grade' to ASTM standards of safety. This elite grade of Titanium is tarnish free, waterproof, nickel-free and highly durable making it the perfect choice for new and healed piercings. It's difficult to 'upgrade' from Titanium as it’s such a high quality metal.


"The jewellery does not give any reaction as I am sensitive to most materials. Highly recommended you won't be disappointed"

"Really happy with my purchase! They’re so comfy and gentle on my skin"

"CHL is my new go-to for jewellery! I love the shiny silver look whilst being titanium and safe for sensitive ears. Excellent quality, SO CUTE."


Our Titanium meets EU REACH and Nickel Release compliance for your safety and quality assurance.

Happy Ears

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