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Daith Size Guide

Finding your perfect daith size depends on a couple of factors:
  •  Your individual anatomy - everyones ears are different so the diameter you need will be based on your skin thickness and ear shape. Unfortunately body jewellery isn't universal, so what works for one person may not necessarily work for you.
  • Your piercing placement - a daith piercing goes through fairly thick cartilage so your unique skin thickness will determine whether the piercing is made further in or not, this will affect the jewellery size you require.
Recommended Sizes:
Gauge 16g (1.2mm)
Curved Barbell Length 8mm
Hoop Inner Diameter 6mm - 8mm

What size hoop do I need for my daith?
Daith piercings require either a clicker hoop or curved/circular barbell due to the curvature of the daith cartilage. The bar length you need will depend on your skin thickness, however the most commonly used is 8mm. It's more common to wear a hoop in a daith piercing and generally 8mm inner diameter works well for most people.

What kind of jewellery should I wear in my daith?
A daith piercing is the perfect placement to show off a statement front-facing clicker. Our best-selling daith jewellery is the Angel Pavé Front Facing Clicker or if you prefer to upgrade your daith with a touch of luxury, our exclusive 14K Solid Gold Clickers are guaranteed to make your piercing stand out!

It's usually a process of trial and error to find your perfect fit, however we always recommend visiting your local piercing studio as they will be able to measure your ear and offer professional advice.