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The CHLUXE Journey

Welcome To Our World Of Wearable Art

CHLUXE defines where a moment of creativity becomes wearable art, transforming jewellery into meaningful heirlooms for the modern day. Our eclectic collection features timeless classics and lavish one-of-a-kind designs that have been exclusively conceptualised and handcrafted for our 14K Solid Gold collection.

A Labour Of Love

Over countless months since first planning our CHLUXE journey in early 2020, we have worked tirelessly to make our original ideas and innovative concepts a reality. Inspired by creative director Natasha's early works with a focus on semi-precious gemstones and their healing energy, CHLUXE takes us on a journey back to where our brand originated and where her passion for jewellery with meaning began.

Every piece is a result of our passion for jewellery, which she hopes radiates throughout the collection... 

Upholding Traditions

Our fine jewellery collection combines an artistic approach with traditional techniques, to craft detailed keepsakes you can treasure forever. We're so proud to share the story with you and firmly believe the many passionate hands our jewellery passes through is what makes it so special.
...the final story is yours.

“I adore the method of traditional jewellery design and choose to implement this practise in my work when sharing design concepts with our artisans. It has been used for centuries to showcase the merging of art and jewellery.”

Founder & Designer

The Journey Begins in India

A world renowned hub of jewellery manufacture and home to an abundance of vibrant gemstones, there's no place we would rather craft our jewellery.
This captivating country merges centuries of experience with innovation, whilst upholding traditions and values.

Masters of their craft, our artisans utilise techniques passed down through generations along with devotion and detail every step of the way. With a passion for jewellery that equals ours, we have begun a magical journey together to bring soulful adornments into existence whilst also creating valued relationships through our shared love of jewellery.

Every CHLUXE design passes through many stages to become a physical work of art, requiring expert skills to achieve flawless results. As our fine jewellery is handcrafted one by one, each piece is unique in its beauty. You can expect organic textures and soulful gemstones with a bohemian flair that speak to your inner goddess. When you wear CHLUXE, we want you to own a piece of art that radiates and elevates your life.


Keeping it fine

We are committed to producing jewellery responsibly on our journey to bring you one-of-a-kind adornments. Our artisans are part of small family-run businesses that have grown into innovative enterprises, meaning we can create close working relationships as well as friendships with each talented individual who plays an essential part in bringing our designs to life. Our production partners are equally committed to ethical practises, health & safety protocols and environmental impact whilst offering unrivalled quality and attention to detail.