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Why choose CHLUXE?

When we began our fine journey, it was very important to us that the collection aligned with our brand ethos. Our mission is to create innovative designs that stand out, as creatives we're not fulfilled by taking the easy route of choosing from a wholesale catalogue. Our original designs are thoughtfully imagined to be one-of-a-kind and crafted with traditional methods by our talented artisans, creating a magical story behind the jewellery before it becomes part of you.

Why did you choose 14K Gold?

14K is the most popular gold composition for many reasons. It is made up of 58.3% fine gold and 41.7% other metals, in our case the other metals are 30% silver, and 11.7% copper. Pure 24K gold is too soft to be used in everyday jewellery, so it is alloyed with other metals to make it stronger and more durable. The higher the karat, the higher gold content. 9K has a lower pure gold content of 37.5% making it more 'not gold' than gold, whereas 14K is the perfect middle-ground for both quality and affordability with a high real gold content just under 60%.

Can I wear CHLUXE in my new piercing?

Our 14K Solid Gold jewellery is suitable for initial piercings and fully-healed piercings. We have ensured our luxury piercing collection meets requirements outlined by professionals such as the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) 
You must ensure the bar length or inner diameter of the chosen piece is suitable for your piercing as it is important to allow for swelling in fresh piercings. If you are unsure what style or size you require, please consult with your piercer before purchasing.

Is CHLUXE suitable for sensitive ears?

Yes, our 14K Solid Gold labrets and clickers are high-karat, hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin so you can wear your jewellery all day, every day. When considering jewellery that you intend to leave in your ears for long periods of time, it is important that the material sitting inside your piercing hole is of the highest quality so with CHLUXE, you don't ever have to worry about an unwanted reaction.

Are your CHLUXE labrets internally threaded?

Yes, our flat-backs are internally threaded to avoid exposed threads that can cause damage to your piercing. They also feature a 'micro' disc backing to ensure maximum comfort when wearing your fine jewellery every day.

Will 14K Solid Gold tarnish?

CHLUXE is crafted from 14K Solid Gold so your jewellery can be worn 24/7 without the worry of your jewellery tarnishing. Gold is an extremely durable material and fairly low maintenance, however it should still be treated with care and cleaned regularly to ensure it stays bright and shiny. Whilst Gold will not tarnish in the same way as metals such as brass or copper, if you wear your earrings all the time, you may experience slightly darker patches on the part which sits through your piercing where it has been in constant contact with moist areas of skin. This is completely normal and can be easily removed using gold jewellery cleaner or our favourite DIY method using a household ingredient, baking soda.

Can I wear my CHLUXE jewellery in water?

Yes, 14K Solid Gold jewellery can be worn in water without risk of tarnishing. If you prefer to keep your earrings in for long periods of time without removing them for showering or swimming, we highly recommend 14K Solid Gold or Implant-Grade ASTM F136 Titanium jewellery for you. Please note, if your jewellery contains semi-precious gemstones, these are delicate by nature and we advise taking extra precautions to avoid damage.

Are CHLUXE items marked with the Gold purity?

Yes, every Solid Gold item is laser engraved to represent the gold purity '14K'. You will also find our brand initials 'CHL' for authenticity.

Are the flat-back attachments compatible with different bars?

Unfortunately not, our top attachments are crafted together with the bar during production so they screw together securely.

How are CHLUXE items packaged?

All orders will be packaged with our luxurious CHLUXE signature gift packaging.
▪ 1-2 item orders will include 1 x Small Jewellery Case, 1 x Mini Gift Pouch, Luxury Branded Ribbon and Certificate of Authenticity.
▪ 3+ item orders will include 1 x Large Jewellery Case, 1 x Mini Gift Pouch, Luxury Branded Ribbon and Certificate of Authenticity.

Will my order be tracked?

Yes, all CHLUXE orders are dispatched with a tracked postage method to ensure safe arrival of your precious jewellery.

Are CHLUXE items included in sales or coupons?

CHLUXE is excluded from sales, coupons or other discount events.