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The Complete Tragus Piercing Size Guide

Tragus piercings are a popular choice for those seeking a unique and stylish ear adornment. Whether you're considering getting a tragus piercing or already have one, understanding the sizing options is crucial for a comfortable result. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about tragus piercing sizes, from jewellery choices to tips for a seamless healing process.

Anatomy and Placement:

Before jumping into the sizing details, let's familiarise ourselves with the anatomy and placement of the tragus piercing. The tragus is the small, thick piece of cartilage protruding in front of the ear canal. Its placement offers a captivating and eye-catching canvas for various jewellery options.

Jewellery Types for Tragus Piercings:

Tragus piercings offer a wide array of jewellery choices to suit various styles and preferences. Here are some popular options:

Sizing Considerations:

Selecting the perfect piece of jewellery for your tragus piercing involves several key considerations, depending on whether you're choosing a labret or a hoop. Let's explore these factors, including the gauge size, which refers to the thickness of the jewellery.

Labret Sizing:
  • Gauge: The most common gauge sizes for labret studs in tragus piercings are 16G (1.2mm) and 14G (1.6mm). Your choice of gauge size often depends on the initial piercing process and your personal preference. Thicker gauges like 14G may be preferred for the initial piercing to provide added stability, while 16G is commonly used for subsequent jewellery changes.
  • Length: The length of the labret bar for tragus piercings typically ranges from 6mm (1/4") to 8mm (5/16"). An 8mm (5/16") labret is often used for tragus piercings, but the most suitable length can vary based on the thickness of your tragus and the exact placement of the piercing. Selecting an appropriate length is essential to provide ample space for your piercing to breathe comfortably, ensuring there is no unnecessary pressure or irritation.
  • Design: Labret studs come in various designs, featuring decorative ends like gemstones, beads, or unique shapes. When selecting a labret, consider your personal style and the occasions you'll be wearing it for. A simple, minimalistic labret may be perfect for everyday wear, while a more ornate design could be your go-to for special events.

Hoop Sizing:
  • Gauge: Similar to labrets, the standard gauge sizes for hoops in tragus piercings are 16G (1.2mm) and 14G (1.6mm). The appropriate gauge size would depend on the size of the piercing hole and your comfort. Thicker gauges can provide a bolder look, while 16G may offer a more delicate and understated appearance.
  • Diameter: The size of the hoop should correspond with the thickness of your tragus and your personal taste. Smaller diameters offer a snug, understated aesthetic, while larger diameters create a more noticeable and bold statement.
  • Design: Hoops can be plain or feature decorative elements such as gemstones or beads. Like labrets, your hoop's design should reflect your personal style and suit the occasion. A simple hoop may be ideal for everyday wear, while a more embellished piece adorned with charms and gemstones could be perfect for those standout moments.

Healing and Downsizing:

Proper healing is crucial for a successful tragus piercing. The initial jewellery used for the piercing should accommodate swelling, but downsizing the jewellery to a shorter or smaller diameter is recommended as the healing progresses. Seek advice from your piercer to determine the best timing for downsizing and to choose the perfect jewellery for your anatomy.

Achieving the ideal fit for your tragus piercing requires three key aspects: understanding your ear's anatomy, selecting the right gauge and length, and choosing jewellery that complements your personal style. For the best results, we always advise seeking guidance from a professional piercer. Their expertise will ensure personalised advice based on your unique anatomy

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Frequently asked questions about tragus piercing:

What is a tragus piercing?

A tragus piercing is made through the small, rounded cartilage nub that projects in front of the ear canal.

How painful is a tragus piercing?

Pain varies from person to person, but many describe the sensation as a brief sting. The healing process might involve some sensitivity.

How long does a tragus piercing take to heal?

On average, a tragus piercing can take anywhere from 4 to 8 months to heal, but this can differ based on individual experiences.

How should I clean and care for my tragus piercing?

Maintain cleanliness by cleaning your tragus piercing with saline solution twice daily. Refrain from twisting or excessive cleaning, as it can cause irritation.

Can I get my tragus pierced with a hoop?

Starting with a labret stud is often recommended for tragus piercings to promote better healing. You can transition to a hoop once the piercing has completely healed.

What are the risks associated with tragus piercings?

Risks with tragus piercings can include infection, keloids, piercing migration, and potential allergic reactions to the jewellery material.

How do I know if my tragus piercing is infected?

Symptoms of an infection include significant redness, heat, ongoing pain, discharge, and swelling. If you're concerned about an infection, it's best to consult your piercer.

Can I sleep on my tragus piercing?

It's recommended to avoid sleeping on the side with your tragus piercing during its healing process to avoid irritation and potential complications. Using a travel pillow can offer some relief during the healing phase.

When can I change the jewellery in my tragus piercing?

You should ideally wait until your tragus piercing has completely healed, which could be between 4 to 8 months, before switching out the jewellery.

What is the standard size for a tragus piercing?

The typical gauge for a tragus stud is around 16-gauge. The diameter or length can vary, but many opt for a snug fit, especially for hoops.

What gauge is my tragus piercing?

Most tragus piercings are performed using a standard 16-gauge needle. However, depending on individual anatomy or preference, piercers might use a different gauge. The common jewellery lengths for tragus piercings range from 6mm to 10mm.

What size ring do I need for a tragus?

Once your tragus piercing is healed, rings ranging from 6mm to 9mm often fit comfortably, but personal anatomy and preference play a key role.

What size bar do I need for a tragus?

Bars around 6mm to 8mm are commonly used for initial tragus piercings to accommodate any swelling. This length can be adjusted as the piercing progresses in its healing.

How do I find out what size bar I need for my tragus?
  • To determine the ideal size bar for your tragus piercing:
  • Consult your piercer: They can offer insight, especially if they were the one to perform the piercing.
  • Consider its healing stage: A newer piercing might be best with a longer bar to accommodate any potential swelling.
  • Visit a reputable piercing studio: Professionals can gauge the size you need.
  • Measure current jewellery: If you're at ease doing so, measure the jewellery you have using a ruler, noting the space between any end balls or adornments.
Can I use a normal stud earring in my tragus?

While possible, using a standard earring in a tragus piercing is generally discouraged. Standard earrings might not match the gauge of tragus piercings and can cause discomfort. Additionally, the jewellery material might not be as hypoallergenic as those used in body piercings. Always seek advice from a professional piercer before making any changes.

What type of jewellery is best for a tragus piercing?

Starting with a labret stud or small curved barbell made of titanium or surgical steel is advisable for tragus piercings. These materials are less likely to cause reactions and can help reduce irritation during healing.

Will I be able to wear earphones, Airpods or headphones with a tragus piercing?

In the initial healing phase of a tragus piercing, it might be uncomfortable or even risky to use in-ear headphones. Over-the-ear headphones might be a more suitable option during this period.