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Crystal Heaven London


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Join over 100,000 happy ears worldwide

We've adorned sensitive ears worldwide with our beautiful skin-friendly adornments.

If you suffer from a nickel allergy and struggle to find cartilage jewellery that won't cause irritation, you're in good hands. Our Implant-Grade Titanium is independently tested to ensure it complies with EU REACH standards and passes nickel release compliance to classify as hypoallergenic.

Quality Over Quantity

We produce our jewellery in small batches using only the highest quality materials.

Unique & Exclusive

Our jewellery begins as a sketch before it is expertly handcrafted by talented artisans.

Established In 2013

Our passionate female-led team are dedicated to creating meaningful jewellery.


Founded In 2013
Crystal Heaven London is female founded independent British brand, specialising in skin-friendly piercing adornments to curate your dream ear stack. We're inspired by the magic of gemstones, self-love and divine feminine energy.

The CHL Difference
Our meaningful jewellery is thoughtfully designed by founder Natasha and every order is packed in-house by our passionate team. We create effortlessly elegant and feminine jewellery to adorn your inner goddess.

Exclusive Collections
In addition to our core pieces we spend months dreaming up new ideas for capsule collections, which are handcrafted in limited quantities in one-off drops throughout the year.

Our Philosophy
Quality is our priority, we're dedicated to creating jewellery that stands the test of time instead of contributing to a 'throw away' culture. We only work with durable, skin-friendly metals that won't turn your skin green.


Hello and welcome! I'm Tasha, the face behind everything you see at Crystal Heaven London. I'm so glad you've discovered us.

With piercings being part of my personal identity from a young age, I struggled to find skin-friendly, affordable earrings that wouldn't turn my skin green. I combined my love for all things sparkly and passion for creativity to design wearable art which I hope will become part of your story for years to come.

I'm so proud of what we've achieved so far and couldn't have done it without the support of our CHL family across the world - thank you.

I hope our jewellery makes you feel magical, empowered and truly unique ✨

Love & sparkle,

Quality over quantity

All our jewellery is thoughtfully designed in-house by founder Natasha and expertly crafted by our talented artisans across the world.

We prefer a slower, intentional approach where every collection is thoughtfully curated and handcrafted to perfection over months.

We are committed to using metals that will stand the test of time, working against the throw-away culture of cheap costume jewellery which is known to discolour and cause skin irritation due to low quality toxic metals used in the fast fashion industry.

Our collection consists of nickel-free recycled 925 Sterling Silver, recycled 14k Solid Gold, Implant-Grade Titanium and 316L Stainless Steel.

If you’re ready to build a long-lasting jewellery collection, our timeless treasures are waiting to become a part of your story for years to come.

We specialise in skin-friendly piercing jewellery



Our fine piercing jewellery is crafted with 14K recycled Gold that is nickel-free and hypoallergenic for sensitive skin, it won't cause reactions that can be found with lower-karat Solid Gold jewellery which contains a high copper content. Our exclusive CHLUXE designs are conceptualised into works of wearable art by our creative director Natasha.


Our ASTM F136 Implant Grade Titanium is hypoallergenic and nickel-free, suitable for the most sensitive ears. It's also 100% waterproof, extremely durable and tarnish resistant meaning no discolouration, tarnishing or green marks on the skin. Titanium is a one-time purchase and a cost-effective option guaranteed to last a lifetime.


Sterling Silver is a precious and long-lasting metal which you can treasure for years to come. We use a generous layer of bright Rhodium and 18K Gold to ensure shine and durability for every day wear. Sterling Silver jewellery is is the perfect “middle ground” between fashion and fine, providing a luxurious look and feel with attainable pricing.

Join us behind the scenes...