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Solid Gold Rook Barbells

Introducing Our Exclusive Rook Barbells

At Crystal Heaven London, we are always looking to innovate and design jewellery that our customers struggle to find for their piercing - whether it’s an exclusive concept or filling a gap in the market, we are always working tirelessly behind the scenes to create unique moments of magic for ears everywhere.

Our latest endeavour has led to the creation of our first collection of 14k Solid Gold rook barbells, inspired by our best-selling Ari Trinity, Vogue and Marquise Drop designs. Each piece is crafted with care and precision, specially designed to adorn your rook piercing with timeless elegance.

Behind The Design

A rook piercing, located in the anti-helix ridge, has gained significant popularity in the past couple of years as a distinctive and unique placement for piercing lovers. Still, it is a rare piercing compared to more common ear piercings which has added to its appeal for those who want to stand out from the crowd!
The creative placement of the rook piercing allows the opportunity to create a truly unique ear stack.

Upon our research, we found very limited options for pretty yet high quality barbells so this led us to wonder... what jewellery are people currently wearing? 78% of our survey said they were still wearing the same barbell their rook was initially pierced with, one participant stating they've had the same plain barbell in for over 10 years which was very basic compared to her other pieces. We asked why and the answer was... "I couldn't find any nice jewellery worth changing it for!"

With the aim of providing our beloved community with a set of timeless designs that perfectly complement their existing CHL adornments, our brand founder, Natasha, embarked on creating a trio of exquisite rook barbells. Naturally, we started with our best-selling designs, knowing they would be adored by our customers.

We understand that comfort and security are essential when it comes to body jewellery, that's why our rook barbells are designed with your well-being in mind. The internally threaded barbell ensures a smooth insertion and minimizes any discomfort. The dainty 3mm ball removes unwanted bulk, making these barbells both delicate, feminine and comfortable to wear. 

Quality & Guarantee

As with all our CHLUXE fine jewellery, each piece is crafted from recycled 14k Solid Gold, a luxurious heirloom-worthy metal with high durability. Solid Gold is nickel-free, waterproof and crafted to last a lifetime. Every order is packaged in our signature vegan leather keepsake boxes and finished with silky branded ribbon for a memorable unboxing experience.
CHLUXE is made to stand the test of time, benefitting from a 12 month manufacturing guarantee with a certificate of authenticity.