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9K Gold & Titanium Cartilage Studs

 Our dainty cartilage studs are crafted with an innovative combination of 9k Gold and ASTM F136 Titanium. The result is a high-quality, waterproof, nickel-free and affordable option for your piercing.

By choosing Titanium for the cartilage bar material, we have significantly reduced the cost of gold weight which makes the price point more attainable without compromising on quality. In addition, we have replaced internally threaded for threadless to make fitting your jewellery at home significantly easier - no more fiddly screws!

Our cartilage studs are truly the best of both worlds. They combine luxury and affordability while offering a waterproof, durable and skin-friendly option without breaking the bank. Not to mention, the expert craftsmanship and incredible shine of each beautiful design.

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Bar Length
NEWARI Cartilage StudARI Cartilage Stud
ARI Cartilage Stud
Sale price$88.00
NEWEMBER Cartilage StudEMBER Cartilage Stud
EMBER Cartilage Stud
Sale price$118.00
NEWLANI Cartilage StudLANI Cartilage Stud
LANI Cartilage Stud
Sale price$108.00
NEWLYRA Cartilage StudLYRA Cartilage Stud
LYRA Cartilage Stud
Sale price$127.00
NEWAMORE Cartilage StudAMORE Cartilage Stud
AMORE Cartilage Stud
Sale price$127.00
NEWVOGUE Cartilage StudVOGUE Cartilage Stud
VOGUE Cartilage Stud
Sale price$98.00
NEWCALI Cartilage StudCALI Cartilage Stud
CALI Cartilage Stud
Sale price$98.00
NEWLANI Droplet Cartilage StudLANI Droplet Cartilage Stud
NEWVENUS Cartilage StudVENUS Cartilage Stud
VENUS Cartilage Stud
Sale price$108.00