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STAR Pavé Cartilage Stud

Bar Length:

Create a dreamy celestial ear stack with our Star pavé labret. Lavishly embellished with glistening crystals and perfectly sized to suit a tragus, helix or conch piercing.

  • Bar Material: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Top Material: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Thread Type: Internally Threaded
  • Design Size: 4mm x 4mm
  • Bar Length: 6mm or 8mm (10mm can be purchased here)
  • Gauge: 16g (1.2mm)
  • Sold as a single

  • Developed over 18 months by certified piercing experts, our new internally threaded labrets combine two high-quality nickel, lead and cadmium free materials, 925 Sterling Silver and 316L Surgical Steel. Our innovative production method was created to offer a skin-friendly alternative to 'costume' piercing jewellery which is known to cause skin irritation and discolouration due to low-quality brass based materials. You deserve jewellery that isn't just beautiful on the outside, but also on the inside. Learn more about the process here.

    The green discolouration commonly observed in ear piercings is often caused by a chemical reaction between low-quality metals in the jewellery and substances present on the skin. It is particularly associated with metals such as brass, an alloy composed primarily of copper and zinc. When the metal reacts with sweat, oils, or other chemicals on the skin, it can result in the formation of a green coloured compound, typically known as copper oxide. This reaction is likely to occur with cheap jewellery that contains toxic base metals which should never be worn in ear piercings for prolonged periods of time.

    To prolong the life of your jewellery, please follow our care guide. 

  • Use a soft lint-free cloth regularly to keep your jewellery clean and shiny
  • Avoid contact with harsh chemicals that may cause damage
  • Store your earrings in an air-tight pouch when not in use
    • If you don't feel confident fitting new jewellery yourself, we highly advise visiting your local piercer who will be happy to help.
    • Screwing small parts yourself in hard-to-reach piercings is very difficult, if you're struggling please visit a piercer, it's what they're there for!
    • Don't attempt to fit jewellery with small parts or threaded ends if you have long nails.
    • Use latex gloves to help grip small parts and ensure they are fully tightened.
    • If your ear is becoming sore when attempting to fit jewellery without success, take a break and try again later, otherwise you may cause irritation. 

    You must ensure this jewellery is suitable for your individual anatomy and piercing placement before purchasing as we are unable to accept returns or exchanges in the interest of hygiene. If you are unsure about the size you need, please seek advice from a licenced piercer before placing an order.

    Read our Ultimate Piercing Guide for piercing size guides.

    All our jewellery is produced in meaningful small batches, as we prefer a slower approach which reduces waste and allows us to refine our collections with careful detail.

    We aim to restock our core collection as often as possible. If you'd like to be notified when a product is back in stock, please join the waitlist.

    New capsule collections are released in small batches throughout the year and are not tied to seasons. These collections often include limited edition designs and are not restocked once sold out. If you see something you like, don't wait around as we may not create a similar style in the future.
    Star Flat Back Labret Stud Earring Internally Threaded
    STAR Pavé Cartilage Stud REA-pris$33.00