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We're Crystal Heaven

Established in 2013
Crystal Heaven London is an independent brand, specialising in luxurious demi-fine and piercing jewellery at attainable price points, with a quality you can rely on time and time again.

Discover the difference
Our small batch collections are designed in-house and every order is personally packaged by our passionate female-led team with years of experience in the jewellery industry.

Our commitment
We understand jewellery is personal and it should be as unique as you are. We're obsessed with attention to detail and believe everyone deserves fair prices and treasures that become a part of your story.

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Our demi-fine jewellery is handcrafted using the highest quality 925 Sterling Silver as our base material. We use a generous layer of bright Rhodium, 18K Gold and 18K Rose Gold to ensure a glossy finish, long-lasting shine and durability for every day wear.

If fast-fashion isn’t your thing (it isn’t ours either) you’ll be happy to hear our jewellery is thoughtfully designed by our passionate London based team and ethically made by talented artisans in all corners of the world. Exceptional quality is guaranteed as they each benefit from years of experience passed down through generations to become masters in their trade.

We are committed to only using materials that will stand the test of time, working against the throw-away culture of costume jewellery which is well known to discolour after a few wears and react badly with your skin due to low quality base metals and thin plating.

If you’re ready to build a jewellery collection without breaking the bank, our timeless treasures are waiting to become a part of you and your story for years to come.

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