What is Semi-fine jewellery? 

Semi-fine is characterised by jewellery which is made from a precious base metal such as Sterling Silver which is both versatile and durable. It can be plated with a thick layer of 18K Gold, whilst underneath is a high quality metal that will stand the test of time.

Why choose Semi-Fine?
Semi-fine is the perfect “middle-ground” between fashion and fine, providing a luxurious look and feel with attainable pricing. It is much longer-lasting than fast-fashion costume jewellery and will not tarnish with proper care and storage.
We design on-trend styles using only the highest quality materials with exquisite attention to detail so you can build a beautiful collection for less, elevating your look without compromising on quality. The ultimate solution to accessible luxury.

Brass Based
Brass is used as a base metal in some of our body jewellery styles which require intricate stone setting as it is a soft metal. These costume jewellery items are not recommended for daily wear as this will result in the plating wearing faster. Brass contains known allergenic materials such as nickel which may cause irritation to people with sensitivities.