Good Fortune Friday

This year has been extremely challenging and we have all been affected in some way. When going over our plans for a traditional “Black Friday” we all strongly felt that just offering discounts when so many are struggling doesn’t seem right, we also wanted to do something extra that aligned with our brand ethos. We have chosen to take a more mindful and impactful approach, giving this big shopping event a much needed update. As a small business ourselves we can’t change the world, but we can try our best to make it better and hopefully influence change by shopping with intention instead of panic buying.

We will be donating 20% from every order to a charity in need this festive season. Please see our social media for more details and to get involved with sharing your personal stories about charities that resonate with you.


A huge thank you to everyone who made our Good Fortune Friday event a success.
I'm extremely proud to announce that your support has contributed to raising an absolutely INCREDIBLE total of £1,000 which we have donated to Mind Charity to support the mental health crisis many will experience this festive season. This wouldn't have been possible without your choice to support our small business, so from the bottom of our hearts and from the lives you will be making a difference to this Christmas, thank you.