In order to help as best we can without actually fitting your new jewellery ourselves, we've made some easy to follow guides along with some of our favourite tips and tricks for making the process as quick and simple as possible!

Seamless Hinged Rings
Internally Threaded Labrets
Bioflex Labrets  

Tips & Tricks

♡ If you don't feel confident fitting jewellery yourself, we highly advise visiting your local piercing studio who will be happy to help.
♡ Don't attempt to fit jewellery with small parts or threaded ends if you have long nails.
♡ Use latex gloves to help grip small parts and ensure they are fully tightened.
♡ If your ear is becoming sore when attempting to fit jewellery without success - STOP! Have a break and try again later, you may cause irritation and soreness otherwise.