"Crystal Heaven London is a brand that focuses on quality and originality over quantity, we're here for everyone who dreams of creating a beautiful collection without breaking the bank - whilst knowing they're investing in long-lasting jewellery that doesn't contribute to fast fashion."

Founder & Creative Director


Our jewellery begins as an idea roughly hand-drawn in Natasha's sketchbook or rendered digitally on the iPad, which she keeps on her at all times for when inspiration arises.

We are constantly brainstorming ideas, creating mood-boards, and experimenting with new concepts to ensure our jewellery is recognised for beautiful design and exceptional quality.



Our mission is to create long-lasting pieces to treasure, so instead of traditional production methods we choose to produce small batches and only use durable metals instead of contributing to the culture of fast-fashion as seen in the "throw away" costume jewellery industry.

We don't have a set release schedule, because we believe in quality over quantity. It can sometimes take months to dream up new ideas and release new collections, in a world where everything has already been done we aim to bring something unique and unexpected with every release.


CHL is committed to quality like nothing else. We'll never settle for less than what we would expect ourselves.

The motto "it's all in the details" couldn't be more fitting, as our team obsess over the small stuff and understand the importance of creating a personal experience with our community.

Every order, big or small, is meticulously quality checked to ensure it passes our standards before it is packaged. We are extremely confident in our products and proud to provide a service you can rely on time and time again.

Est. 2013

Our female-led team have been innovating our collections for nearly a decade.

Original Designs

You deserve jewellery as unique and special as you are.

Small Batches

Join our slow fashion movement, handcrafted with intention.