Fitting Your New Jewellery

POV: You've just received your new jewellery and you can't wait to wear it! We totally get it, but there are a few important things to remember before rushing straight in.

Check before fitting
  • Is the jewellery suitable for my piercing? e.g style, gauge, length.
  • Is my piercing fully healed and ready to change?
  • Am I confident enough to fit it myself?
  • Do I have everything I need to change it successfully?
Tips & Tricks
  • Sit as close to the floor as possible.
  • Lay a towel down to catch small parts if they are dropped.
  • Use tight fitting latex gloves to grip parts as bare hands are too slippery.
  • Keep a dish next to you to keep parts safe while changing jewellery.
  • Be patient, take your time and stop if your piercing is becoming sore.
Do's & Dont's
  • We hate to state the obvious, but if you have long natural or false nails please do not attempt to fit jewellery yourself. This won't end well!
  • Each piercing has its own healing time and process, it is so important to leave your initial piercing jewellery in for the amount of time specified by your piercer. They will often give you a date to come back for a jewellery down-sizing, this is crucial to the healing process as once the swelling has subsided, your jewellery is probably too long for the piercing.
  • Keep your piercing and jewellery clean, here's a helpful care guide.
  • If you're unsure on how to fit anything, just don't risk it, this can cause severe trauma to your piercing which can lead to an irritation.
  • Don't be afraid to ask your piercer lots of questions, it only helps you to make sure you do everything correctly resulting in shorter healing times.

If you have any doubt about changing piercings yourself, we highly advise visiting your local piercer who will be able to help you safely fit your new jewellery, that's what they are there for and you could even get another piercing at the same time... (we wouldn't blame you!)