Jewellery Care

Sterling Silver
Our 925 Sterling Silver jewellery is made using high quality materials and durable plating with an additional e-coating to form a protective layer, however you'll still need to treat them with love and care.

  • Use a polishing cloth to keep your Sterling Silver (un-plated) jewellery bright and shiny. The cloth contains a polishing agent to buff the surface removing small scratches, making the jewellery look brand new. Wipe clean after each wear to remove dirt and debris from embedding into the jewellery surface.
  • Use a cleaning cloth regularly for your 18K Gold and 18K Rose Gold plated Sterling Silver jewellery, this is a 'plating safe' cloth which will remove any oils from your skin which can eventually wear away plating if not maintained.
  • To prolong the life of your jewellery, avoid chemicals such as pool water, hair spray, perfumes and lotions.
  • Do not use any harsh chemicals to clean your jewellery, our soft cloths are all you need to maintain your precious pieces. Our jewellery is plating tested to ensure they meet our standards before they become available for sale. Our jewellery will not tarnish if our care guide is followed, so we can not consider it a fault and will not be covered by our 6 month manufacturing guarantee. 

Brass Plated Body Jewellery
Some of our intricate piercing designs are made with a brass based top design and plating. 
*These styles are not designed for permanent wear*
The material of each style will always be in the product description, so please ensure you check this before placing an order if you suffer from metal allergies or sensitivity. The barbell or labret post which goes through the piercing hole will always be Stainless Steel or Titanium. Plated brass designs will tarnish over time when exposed to chemicals, such as pool and sea water, hair spray, perfume/lotions so please keep your delicate pieces away from these to prolong the life of your jewellery. Use our cleaning cloth to clean away any debris on your plated body jewellery.

Crystals & Gemstones
Jewellery with crystals or gemstones is much more delicate and must be treated with care. These earrings should not be worn if undergoing physical activity as this may cause damage to the item.


Make sure to keep your earrings separate when not being worn to prevent pieces rubbing and scratching against one another. Our airtight pouches are perfect for storing your individual earrings as they keep air out which causes oxidisation. 

Adjusting Huggies + Hoops
Our dainty huggie hoops are super easy to open and close as they feature a hinged design. It's normal for your huggies to periodically require a realignment if you find they aren't clicking together and staying closed. Due to the natural softness of Sterling Silver material, the thin loop can sometimes bend out of alignment to the back of the hoop where it slots into place. This often happens after fitting and removing the hoops after a number of times, they may become loose and no longer "click" when they are closed. It's super quick and easy to fix yourself by simply following the diagram below.