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Our Philosophy

Quality Without Compromise

Crystal Heaven London is a brand committed to creating unique and thoughtful jewellery, beautifully handcrafted using long-lasting precious metals. We believe everyone should be able to express their individuality with jewellery that becomes an extension of you, that you can live in and love every day.
Our female-led team design in-house and work directly with dedicated artisans we have long standing relationships with, to create small batches of jewellery which have spent months being brought to life.

Passion & Dedication

Art and design has been a lifelong passion of CHL's founder, along with a love for handcrafting and a fascination for gemstones. The brand has been diligently built up over the years, while Natasha progressed her skills within the jewellery industry to gain experience. This knowledge, understanding and expertise is at the very forefront of our brand and in everything we do, it has built the foundations to grow a professional and quality-conscious company that sets us apart. Since our founding we've evolved due to never settling for less than what we want to achieve and always innovating whilst making a positive impact.

Attention To Detail

One of the most important roles we have is not only to ensure attention to detail in our jewellery, but also in our order packing process. We promise to provide you with a service you can rely on every time you choose to shop with us, because who wants to receive a product which has been mindlessly thrown in a bag? Not us. Our team is dedicated to treating every order, big or small, with the same care and attention whilst bringing a personal touch.

Ethical Practices

We are passionate about making a positive impact and aim to be as ethical and sustainable as we can on our creative journey. We work with certified suppliers who share our values and adhere to responsible practices. Our packaging is made using recycled materials wherever possible and we're always searching for new ways to be more eco friendly for our planet.

Our Vision, Your Story...

"Crystal Heaven London is a brand that focuses on quality over quantity. Every design is inspired by our passion for creating wearable art that speaks to your inner goddess. We're here for everyone who wishes to adorn themselves without breaking the bank, whilst knowing they're investing in exclusively designed long-lasting jewellery that doesn't contribute to fast fashion."

Founder & Creative Director

Est. 2013

Our female-led team have been innovating our collections for nearly a decade.

Original Designs

No "off the shelf" designs here. You deserve jewellery as unique as you are.

Small Batches

Who likes waste? Not us. Join our slow fashion movement.